Questions Answered

As a live band, how do you keep the party going?

An awesome playlist packed with a variety of music is a good start and a live band must be able to read the room, the vibe and the venue and be able to adapt in real time.

How do you make sure you're always prepared for a show since they have hard dates and can't be canceled?

Besides the raw talent and the years and years of combined experience we practice lot and we always have a back up plan. The band even has backup band members who can fill in for the band members if one of them gets sick or can’t perform in the band for whatever reason. We prepare for the unexpected.

Why do you sound so amazing?

Besides raw talent and lots of practice… our band uses state of the art commercial grade band equipment to ensure the best live performances at all times.

What's the secret for pulling off amazing shows?

The band should be clear about requirements and respectful of other musicians performing and the band must be able to adapt to a fresh set of requirements.  

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